Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Swimming coach has a passion for splashin

The 76-year-old swim coach and grandmother of 25 has turned her passion for the sport into dedicated routine. It's been her key to raising 10 children and reaching out to a community.
Ruckstuhl seeks to inspire others through swimming and has done so in her more than four-decade-long tenure as a coach.
"I see myself as a mentor," Ruckstuhl said in her living room in East Hill while sitting back in a recliner. Her husband, Ted, agreed.
Ted, who also is 76, has been Grace's enduring support. He helps her to coach and administer her two swim teams — the Catholic High team and the Five Flags swim team, which she coaches through the city of Pensacola. Although Ted doesn't like the water, he also stays in shape by running 3½ miles a day.
"We're not rich," Ted said. "We're not going to be rich. But we can make a difference."
Immediately, Grace laughed at her husband.

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